Bridge Life Groups - Fall 2018

Group Registration Page

Thank you ahead of time for taking the time to register your Fall 2018 Bridge Life Group! By registering online, you will help us streamline the process of making Life Group sign-ups simple and easy for all those who will participate! We appreciate your heart to serve others and look forward to the many stories of friendships, learning, and life transformations that will take place in this season of Bridge Life Groups. 

INSTRUCTIONS: please fill out this form the very best you can. If you are unable to complete the entire form, not to worry, just let us know what information your group is still working on in the comments box at the bottom of this form.

Bridge Life Groups are a team effort - we strive to have at least 3 different types of leaders in each group, as indicated in the form below:

1) Facilitator - oversees and leads curriculum, discussions, videos, prayer times, and so on. 

2) Hospitality - responsible for creating an accommodating, welcoming atmosphere, delegating food, ice breaker games/activities, and anything else that would make Life Group members feel welcome

3) Communicator - leads the charge in the emailing, texting, calling and general communication with the Life Group with meeting reminders, general questions, upcoming fun events, and so on. 


Types of Groups

LIFE GROUPS are small groups that meet during the week to share life through fellowship, intentional discussion, time of prayer, and authentic sharing to grow more and more into the likeness of Jesus Christ.

COMMON GROUPS are small groups seeking to find friendships and authentic community and belonging through the sharing of common passions, interests, life experience, or shared life phase. 

See the descriptions of a LIFE GROUP and a COMMON GROUP at the top of the page
Group Facilitator *
Group Facilitator
(Person who will oversee and lead curriculum, videos, discussion, prayer, and so on.)
Cell Phone
Cell Phone
Hospitality Extraordinaire
Hospitality Extraordinaire
(Person responsible for creating an accommodating, welcoming atmosphere for the Life Group)
Cell Phone
Cell Phone
Communications Guru
Communications Guru
(Person who will lead the charge in texting, emailing, calling and all the necessary communications for the Life Group)
Cell Phone
Cell Phone
Example: "Moms with young children"
Example: "This group will be studying Book of Galatians using the commentary and study guide written by Tim Keller"
Example: "The natural fit for our life group would be married or single women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s"
Example: "At the house of Mr. Joe Schmoe in Tustin"
Example: "Monday nights from 6pm to 8pm"
Bridge Life Groups for the Fall of 2018 will launch the first and second weeks of October. Please make sure your "Expected Start Date" reflects a date within the first two weeks of October or leave a comment at the bottom of this form with any questions or comments.
Example: "If you sign up for this group, you can expect to be greeted at the door, eat some great food, socialize with friendly people, watch a DVD lesson, have a discussion about the video, and pray together."