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Student Name
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Because our students attend many different high schools, some students will be on Spring Break, while others may need to miss school on Friday, April 5th. Please check "Yes, I understand" below if you have checked your child's school schedule and understand the possible scheduling conflict. *
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Parent or Legal Guardian Name
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Participating Students are required to have a 2019 Bridge Medical Waiver signed prior to attending this trip. *
Please click the bold link "Download the Bridge Youth Medical Consent Form by Clicking Here" (above) to download and print this form.
I would like to be contacted about fundraising opportunities and/or scholarship information for my child *
(This event will cost $175/student and includes housing, meals, and activities for 3 nights)
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If "Yes," please note that you will need to arrange your own ride for your child.
(Allergies, food restrictions and any other information Youth Leaders should be aware of)